Saturday, May 2, 2009

The begining of our story

We met over nine years ago and have been together ever since. Charles was in the Marine Corps while simultaneously attending San Diego Miramar College and Cuyamaca College and I was a full-time student at San Diego State University. In September of 2002 we proudly welcomed our first child, Austin James. In August of 2003, Charles finished his enlistment and the family moved to Temecula. In March of 2004, I was hired as a Social Worker for the County of Riverside. In June of 2007, Charles finally landed his dream job as a fire fighter for the City of San Diego. (He spent his first shift rolling hose lines on the beach!) We then bought our first home and got our keys to our brand new home on December 1, 2007. In April of 2009, after three years of having fun trying, we welcomed our daughter, Mckenzie Aislynn.

Our fur babies include Smokey (our cat of 9 years), and our four (yes, four) large dogs: Harley, Dyna, Goliath, and Lefty. Harley and Dyna are Rhodesian Ridgebacks and were both pound rescued (Harley in August of 2004 and Dyna in December of 2007). (We LOVE our pound puppies!!!) Shortly after adopting Dyna, we noticed she was gaining A LOT of weight. Finally figured out she was newly pregnant when we rescued her. We ended up welcoming 10 puppies on February 16, 2008. We were able to find forever homes for 8 of the puppies, but two puppies stole our hearts and we couldn't bear to let them go.

Our house is definitely hectic and we are always on the go, but I can not imagine it any other way. Welcome to our blog! :)

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