Monday, July 20, 2009

The neverending project

After a year and a half, the backyard project from hell is finally coming to fruition. The grass has filled in with the exception of a few bare spots, the putting green grass is growing like crazy, the back planter is almost completely planted, the barbeque is stuccoed and partially tiled, and the patio cover is steadily nearing completion. I do have to admit, that although the projects have seemed neverending, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you do the majority of the work yourself. Even though I haven't personally done much in the way of heavy lifting, I've tried to help as much as possible. I'm still amazed that we managed to get the 4 x 10 x 20 piece of lumber (about 200 lbs) 8 feet up in the air with just the two of us. We have planned, designed, and built for months and to see it all come together is very gratifying. We plan to have the patio cover finished within the week, the barbeque tile done next weekend and crossing our fingers that we can host our "grill warming" on August 8th.

Monday, July 6, 2009

I did it

First day of work was uneventful overall but emotionally exhausting to the max. I missed my little girl like crazy. I had pics developed at Target and picked them up today so my cubicle wall is now wallpapered with pictures of the kids. Being able to stare at my beautiful babies made it slightly more bearable. Kenzie got to stay home with Daddy today so that made me feel good too. When I got home she gave me lots of big smiles and didn't seem to mind that I had abandoned her all day. Daddy said that she was a great sleeper and let him sleep in late and she had been good all day long. Such a big girl! Austin got to go to a special science class at the museum and he's been talking about it all day long. I love that he's so into learning. Lets hope that this continues as he gets older. I get tomorrow off so we'll try this work thing again on Wednesday.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last weekend of freedom

Trying my best to enjoy my last weekend before I head back to work. We spent Friday at the San Diego County Fair. First time out ALL day with the baby and she was a trooper. It was cold too! I think I ate my weight in fried foods, but it's my once yearly splurge. Started with my 10 pound bun, then a blooming onion, then a mexican funnel cake, and finally some garlic fries. Yes, garlic fries after the funnel cake. Lol. Also got to watch Charles and Austin polish off my absolute favorite fair food- roasted corn on the cob- since I am out on corn on the cob this year because of the braces. Boo!

Saturday was party day. We did get the rest of the header attached to the posts on our patio cover and Charles stained 10 of the 26 rafters before we headed out to the neighbors house for food and fireworks. Lost track of time and hung out till 2am talking and enjoying the night.

Today is a lazy day. Hoping to do some house work and relax before heading back to work tomorrow. Trying to get the kids all situated for where they will be and everyone on the same track as far as who goes where when.

I am nervous and excited about going back but absolutely hate the idea of leaving my baby behind. If I could wear her around all day at work I would. Even my regional manager suggested just putting her under the desk. (Sadly, I actually tried to figure out a way to make that work.) But I'm looking forward to the idea of being part time for now and having lots of time to hang out with my kiddos.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Back to work

After dreading this for the past three months, it is official: I go back to work next week. I would love nothing more than to stay home with my kids and be the doting housewife, but we do need my income for now. Luckily, we are in a position where I can take advantage of the County's voluntary furlough program. I will be working 30 hours a week while keeping all my benefits and accruing my normal paid time off. Because of the new schedules, I get to go in Wed-Fri and every week is a four day weekend! Short of staying home, I don't think it gets much better than this.