Monday, July 6, 2009

I did it

First day of work was uneventful overall but emotionally exhausting to the max. I missed my little girl like crazy. I had pics developed at Target and picked them up today so my cubicle wall is now wallpapered with pictures of the kids. Being able to stare at my beautiful babies made it slightly more bearable. Kenzie got to stay home with Daddy today so that made me feel good too. When I got home she gave me lots of big smiles and didn't seem to mind that I had abandoned her all day. Daddy said that she was a great sleeper and let him sleep in late and she had been good all day long. Such a big girl! Austin got to go to a special science class at the museum and he's been talking about it all day long. I love that he's so into learning. Lets hope that this continues as he gets older. I get tomorrow off so we'll try this work thing again on Wednesday.

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