Monday, July 20, 2009

The neverending project

After a year and a half, the backyard project from hell is finally coming to fruition. The grass has filled in with the exception of a few bare spots, the putting green grass is growing like crazy, the back planter is almost completely planted, the barbeque is stuccoed and partially tiled, and the patio cover is steadily nearing completion. I do have to admit, that although the projects have seemed neverending, there is a certain feeling of accomplishment when you do the majority of the work yourself. Even though I haven't personally done much in the way of heavy lifting, I've tried to help as much as possible. I'm still amazed that we managed to get the 4 x 10 x 20 piece of lumber (about 200 lbs) 8 feet up in the air with just the two of us. We have planned, designed, and built for months and to see it all come together is very gratifying. We plan to have the patio cover finished within the week, the barbeque tile done next weekend and crossing our fingers that we can host our "grill warming" on August 8th.

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